Talk with your dermatologist about safety

When choosing a plaque psoriasis treatment, you should consider the potential side effects. Be sure to discuss the potential risks and benefits of ILUMYA™ with your dermatologist.

ILUMYA™ could be the treatment you’ve been looking for.

ILUMYA™ had a low risk for serious infection

In clinical studies, people who took ILUMYA™ had the same low risk for serious infection (0.3%) as those given an injection that had no medicine in it (0.3%; called a placebo).

No routine lab
monitoring needed

Before starting, your doctor may perform baseline tests and should check for tuberculosis. After checking, no routine lab monitoring is required unless your doctor feels it’s necessary.

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Common side effects with ILUMYA™

The most common side effects of ILUMYA™ include upper respiratory infections, injection site reactions, and diarrhea. These are not all of the possible side effects of ILUMYA™. Call your dermatologist for medical advice about side effects.

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