Understanding your options

When choosing a way to treat your plaque psoriasis, there are many types of medicines to consider that are available to you through your dermatologist. Some of these treatments work on top of the skin, and some, like biologics, work below the skin, like ILUMYA™.

Questions to ask your dermatologist

It is important to talk with your dermatologist about all your treatment options and if ILUMYA™ is right for you. ILUMYA™ could be the treatment you’ve been waiting for. Some questions you may want to ask your dermatologist include:

  • How do biologics treat plaque psoriasis?
  • Is my current treatment doing what it should to help manage my psoriasis?
  • How long will results from my current treatment last?
  • Is ILUMYA™ an appropriate treatment for me to consider?
  • How does ILUMYA™ work differently from other biologic medicines for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis?

Fill out the doctor discussion guide

Ready to talk to your dermatologist? Use this assessment to help you start the conversation.

No one knows what you’ve been through with plaque psoriasis better than you. You've had to deal with the plaques, redness, and those flakes that seem to follow you around. The questions below can help you communicate your experience with your dermatologist. Just fill out your answers and bring this guide with you to your next appointment. Talking about your experience can help you and your dermatologist find the right treatment for you.

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doctor discussion guide